Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Genius Hour at our school

Genius Hour is a time in our school when you can build, make and research anything you want to do. I think everyone would love Genius Hour because you don't have a limited choice, you can chose whatever you want to do, you can even try to make a motor. It doesn't matter what you make as long as you have fun doing it. Genius Hour is so cool, but it takes a lot of time, effort and energy. Don't get the idea that Genius Hour isn't fun because it is hard, too. You just have to have a Genius Hour project that interests you. Then it could be the coolest thing you have ever done. You could even do Genius Hour in your backyard.

The first thing you do is research what you are doing. I found that if you are building something, you can find the resources on the website Then you start to build or bake whatever you are doing. We did a lot of cool things this year, from making melted crayon art, a model roller coaster, a paper plane that can fly with a motor, our own bouncy shoes and our own oil change video.

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