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Geometry Dash review: Space and spikes

Geometry Dash is a game to play on devices such as the computer, iPad, iPhone, etc. It consists of 16 levels that you can play freely and two levels that you need star coins to play. You need to play it a lot and practice it to really understand it, but it is really fun. You tap the screen or a mouse to dodge spikes and jump over ledges. There are portals that can get you to different places and some of the portals can flip you upside down and others can send you into a cool cruiser spaceship. Some portals can mold you into a giant spinning spike ball and others can send you into a UFO. There are all different kinds of colors that you have to unlock by completing levels and practice modes and beating normal mode levels.

I like this game because when my friends watch me fail they start to laugh, which makes it a fun challenge to complete the level I'm on. The game has different levels of difficulty, for example, the first level has a nice blue smiley face that means it is easy. Another level has a pink raging face that means it is raging hard. I recommend it to anyone who likes to rage and play a challenging game!

Rating: 4 smiles


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