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Good Morning

Get rolling on the Airwheel unicycle

In the news recently you might have heard about electric unicycles. The Airwheel X3 ( was established in 2004, but just recently started to become popular. You use it by placing it vertically and turning it on. First, you mount it like a regular unicycle, but you don’t start pedaling. You lean forward or backward to move. Next, as you get more confident, you tilt side to side to turn. Although the main goal of the Airwheel is fun, there are things you must not do. Do not lift the Airwheel off the ground while it’s on, and don’t suddenly lunge forward. The Airwheel’s top speed is about 10 mph and the X3 model can go up to 12 mph between charges. Do not ride over slippery surfaces while on the Airwheel, but most of all, have fun! They cost about $400, which isn’t cheap, but kids in my school think they are going to be a big hit.

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