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72° Good Evening
72° Good Evening

Get the ball rolling with Sphero

The Sphero is a great device and I recommend it for other kids. It is an app-controlled robotic ball. You may do as you wish with the Shpero, such as multiplayer fun, handheld play, and precision driving. The Sphero 2.0 is two times faster, three times brighter than the original. It is waterproof and shockproof. The Sphero also has a hard shell to allow it to be more durable. Although the Sphero is a great device, I don't like that you have to charge it for three hours for just one hour of play time. The Sphero is a great toy that comes with two ramps, a wall charger and a holder. In order to use the Sphero you must go to the settings and turn on your Bluetooth and look for the sphere ball connection. Then once this is done, you are ready to use it and have fun. Some apps that you can get are the Sphero Pet, Sphero ColorGrab, Sphero Draw N' Drive, and my favorite, Sphero Exile, which allows you to control the game by using Sphero in your hand.

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