Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Getting all worked up over homework

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

Homework, homework, homework. Have you ever wondered what others think about homework? I have two strong opinions on homework:

I LOVE HOMEWORK I love doing independent work. I also feel more comfortable in my surroundings at home. Homework is a review of what you did that day and extra practice. It prepares you for tests and quizzes. Homework can be challenging and fun. If you don’t do it, you might forget a lot of things you learned in class. What’s not to love about homework?

I HATE HOMEWORK Some of the complaints you hear about homework is kids have to do homework just as they get home from school. Can a kid get a break? We want to play. After all the after-school activities, I barely have time to do anything for myself. Bedtime comes so quickly. Homework can cause stress.

Do you love or hate homework? I surveyed the fifth-graders in my school to find out what they thought. Out of all the kids surveyed, only 14 said they liked homework.

However, a whopping 51 students wish there was no homework. So the results are in: Let’s do away with or lessen our homework.

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