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Getting messy at a Ducks game for a prize

Kidsday reporter Kathryn Mushorn with her whipped-cream face.

Kidsday reporter Kathryn Mushorn with her whipped-cream face. Credit: Mushorn family

Every year my mom and dad take me, my two brothers and sister to a Long Island Ducks baseball game. Sometimes my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins come with us. That makes 23 of us!

I have many great memories from the games, but I still remember my favorite game. I was 7, and we were going to the Ducks game because my brother Connor was going on the field with his team since they won a baseball championship. When we walked in, a man who works there stopped me and asked, “Do you want to go on the field at the end of the sixth inning to do a contest?” He paused and then said, “You get to eat whipped cream.” I replied, “Oh yeah — I am in!”

When the time came, I went down to the entrance by third base. I looked at my competition and it was twin boys who were 12. The man who asked me to do the contest explained the rules. “This is a contest. Whoever can get their face covered in the most whipped cream in 30 seconds will win. You can’t use your hands, only your face!”

Next thing I heard was “Ready, set, go!” The race was on. I was shoving my face side to side in whipped cream. As the fans cheered, my dad said all he could see was this little brown ponytail whipping back and forth on the Jumbotron. After the time was up, the fans had to cheer for which face was the messiest. When the man pointed to me, everyone yelled and cheered. I won! I was able to go into the gift store and pick out a hat. I still have the hat today and every time I wear it, I think of that special day at the Ducks game.

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