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Getting ready to ride a horse

I started riding horses when I was 5. There are many types of riding you can do. I ride English style and I can post, trot and canter. Between the years of weekly lessons and whole summers at camp, I have learned a few things about getting ready to ride a horse.

First you have to groom, then you tack a horse. Tacking the horse means getting the riding gear on. You have to put the halter on the horse. The halter is like a collar would be on a dog. The halter has a rope that connects to the bridle (like a leash). Tie the rope to the stall door bars so the horse will not move while you're grooming it. Simply grab a curry comb. Curry combs look like circles with teeth and brush the horse's fur with circular motions from the neck to the rump. When you get to the rump and need to go around the horse, never go behind the horse. A horse cannot see directly behind him and it may spook him.

After you do both sides with the soft curry comb, grab a hard brush. Then do strokes in the same direction of the horse's hair. Then grab a soft brush, and do the same thing. Horses get dirty. You don't want dirt trapped with sweat on the horse. After you're done with the brushing, put a saddle pad and saddle on the horse's back. After the saddle it's time to put the bridle on the horse. Slide the bit into the horse's mouth. Standing on the left side of the horse, hold the reins with both hands. Now you're ready to take your horse out of the stall and go for your ride. Have fun!

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