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Getting sound advice on your audio

Kidsday reporters Brayden Fitzpatrick, left, William Carmenaty and

Kidsday reporters Brayden Fitzpatrick, left, William Carmenaty and Kevin Taylor, reviewed audio equipment. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We tested out headphones and speakers.

Brayden tested the ETY Kids 5 (Etymotic Research) Safe Listening headphones. He wrote: “They are for young kids who are overly sensitive to loud sound. The ETY Kids 5 earphones offer a custom-fit option that makes them very comfortable to wear. I liked them and enjoyed watching and listening to music on my iPod. When I used the earphones with my iPod, everything sounded clear. I think most kids my age would agree with me that these earphones are comfortable and easy to carry.”

AGES 4 and older

RATING 4 smiles

William tested the Boombot Mini (Boombotix). He wrote: “This item is great because you can use it for parties and if you listen to the radio, you can hear it louder. the sound is so clear!”


RATING 4.5 smiles

Scosche Headphones were reviewed by Kevin. He wrote: “I think these headphones are great. They come in lots of cool colors. These headphones are good for all ages except for babies. They are adjustable for any size head, and they have great sound. Even though they are adjustable, I didn’t think they were that comfortable.”


RATING 3 smiles

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