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Good Morning

Girl Scouts have fun and help in the community

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

My Girl Scout sisters and I do a lot of stuff to help our community get stronger. We do many different fundraisers and we do fun activities. I like to participate in these activities because I have fun with my friends and I earn badges for what I participate in.

Trips and activities: Girl Scouts are always super happy and excited to go on trips and do activities around the community. Every year the Girl Scouts march in the Memorial Day parade. We hold our troop signs, we hold flags and we walk until we get to Echo Park in West Hempstead. Once we get to the park, somebody sings the national anthem. The soldiers from the Army shoot their guns into the air. The Memorial Day parade may sound boring to you, but it is a great experience, and by the way, that’s not all we do to have fun. We go ice skating, we square dance and roller skate. We even sell cookies and so much more. If you participate in these activities, you earn a badge.

Selling cookies: We sell cookies, which is really fun to do. They are very tasty, and if we sell enough cookies, we can earn a prize. And we don’t just say thank you while we are selling cookies; later on, we do something for the people that helped us earn the money. Like last year, my Girl Scout troop made cards for the people who helped us raise the money. And when we collect the money, it’s not for us; we give it to the council and they do something good with the money.

Helping others: We do fun things, but sometimes it’s time to help out others and we have fun doing it, too. For example, last year on Halloween, my Girl Scout troop made bags and gave them to a few neighbors. We asked them to put nonperishable foods into those bags, so on Halloween when we go to their houses, we collect those foods. But we could still collect candy. We collected that food so we could give it to a place so they could give the food to the people who aren’t able to get food themselves. We also do other things. We make Christmas cards for the people who are sick or are in need during the holidays.

I am in Girl Scouts and it is a very fun experience. So, if you want to make a change in the community and do fun things with your friends, you should join Girl Scouts. It is good for you and good for your community.

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