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Girls lacrosse club Team Elevate is a great challenge

For Kidsday reporter Sienna Fox, playing for Team

For Kidsday reporter Sienna Fox, playing for Team Elevate is worth the sacrifice. Credit: Greta Fox

Two years ago, when I tried out for Team Elevate, a competitive girls lacrosse team, my life changed. When I made the team, I had a big decision to make. Do I continue going away to sleepaway camp like I have done for the past few years, or I do I stay home to try competitive club lacrosse? I joined Team Elevate. I have been surprising myself with what I can accomplish as an athlete ever since.

I play lacrosse all year long. My coach holds practices over the spring and summer, but we also have fall and winter training. This year, I have played lacrosse in the snow, in the dark, in the rain, and many times half-asleep.

Lacrosse allows me to travel. We play tournaments on Long Island, but also in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida and so much more. For tournaments, we usually have three to five games. Not only is it fun to play lacrosse, but it means having many fun adventures with friends!

Team Elevate is not for everyone. When you play on a competitive club team, you must really love the game and be very dedicated. You give up weekends, play dates, sleep, other sports, junk food and much more.

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