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Girls on the Run training program helps us prepare for 5k

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Abigail Chau

Girls on the Run is a training program to run a 5k (3.1 miles). A few moms volunteered to help create teamwork. We talk about health, our bodies, our brains and teamwork. As we keep running, we help each other achieve our big goals and our dreams.

When we are running laps, we take a Popsicle stick for every lap we run. Every lap we run is equivalent to 1⁄10 of a mile. Everyone tries to run a full mile in 12 minutes or less. If we don’t achieve our goals, we talk at the end of the session about what we are going to do differently the next time we run. Also, we write positive notes on the Popsicle sticks that we collected and we put them in a bag, so at the end of the year we know how many laps we did as a team.

The moms who volunteer create activities to help us run more laps and give us positive feedback. They also bring snacks and give us journals to write down how many laps we ran, how we felt about our run, and what our goal is for the next time we run. Sometimes the volunteers run with us and talk with us to get us motivated.

When we run, we sometimes run with a buddy. We ask our buddy some questions to build conversations and to also build friendships. We ask them things like: What is your big dream or goal? How do you plan to achieve those goals and dreams? What do you want to do when you grow up? When we talk about these things with our buddies, our buddies give us positive feedback and positive ways to help us be motivated.

Girls on the Run is a great program to help girls get exercise, get girls motivated and teach girls teamwork.

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