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How Girls on the Run helps us stick to our goals

Girls on the Run club members get lap-counter

Girls on the Run club members get lap-counter sticks with messages like these during runs. Credit: Nancy Feinstein

Girls on the Run is an organization where girls like me get together twice a week and learn life lessons and how to be a strong independent girl.

After our coaches teach us about the lesson we then go outside and run. What I love most is that while we are running we are given lap counter sticks by our coaches. Each stick has a question or statement on it about the topic we just learned about. This really helps me understand how to use what we were taught in every day experiences. I believe that all of these life lessons are so important and will really help me as I grow up.

You get the best of both worlds being a member of a Girls on the Run. You get to learn how to be a great runner, which will help you in sports, and you learn how to be a good friend.

Nancy Feinstein’s Girls on the Run Club, Williston Park

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