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Good Evening

Girls Scouts help out at Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House is a place for families to stay while their children are in the hospital. The Ronald McDonald House is not an expensive place to stay, but it sure gives lots of comfort. Those who run it believe that families should not have to worry about food and finding a place to stay while children are going through hard times.

My Girl Scout troop went to volunteer there, and we felt like we were doing something great for the families who were staying there. We baked cookies, cupcakes and muffins. We had a really fun time baking and then taking a tour of the place. When we get older, we can cook dinner and serve it to the families staying there.

While we took a tour, we saw how much the place was like a home. The guests have an open kitchen with a pantry that anyone can use. A great part was that they had a play room with an Xbox, a Wii and many donated books and toys. The Yankees donated a room with some of the players' old baseballs, bats and jerseys.

Families can volunteer, too. They can bake, cook, donate old books and toys and even give money. The Ronald McDonald House is in New Hyde Park. To find out more about it, visit:

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