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Give kayaking a try this fall

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Emily Leo, Franklin Square

When fall hits are you ever bored and looking for something to do outside? If you are, maybe kayaking is the solution for you. Summer is almost over, but kayaking is an outdoor activity you still can do in the fall and have just as much fun.

We love kayaking in autumn because you can gently drift around and admire the leaves changing color as you paddle. Other times you can have a race and speed up. Either way there are still currents and sometimes wind, so be careful. In case you were wondering, having a two-person kayak may prevent you from tipping over because there is double the strength and power against the wind or current.

You definitely will need a kayak with paddles that are a good size for you. You can choose if you want a single or two-person kayak. If you are a beginner a two-person kayak probably is easier so that you have more control. Wear a life jacket for safety reasons. The last item you might want is a swimsuit, in case you get wet. Water shoes may also be helpful.

When kayaking, make sure you don’t get stuck. Try not to go too close to shore. If you are in the wide open bay or ocean getting stuck probably won’t be a problem.

One weather tip might be to go on a sunny day. This is because you never know what the water is going to be like. A windy day might not be the best either. You don’t really have any control over tipping over and falling off. Another tip is to not go where there are strong currents. If you do go into strong currents it will be helpful to get a two-person kayak or to be an experienced kayaker.

You can fish or explore new places as you kayak. You can also use it for fun transportation. Let’s say you want to go to Fire Island. To make it more exciting, you can kayak there. You can also go out far in the bay and swim for a while with friends.

One time Emma was kayaking with her parents and friends. They started out gently gliding through the water. Then they stopped at a small piece of land to eat and explore. Emma strongly recommends this if you have a long trip and need to take a break. Throughout the whole trip they were eating, stopping and exploring. Kayaking with friends is much better than just with a few people.

Three summers ago Gia joined the Idle Hour Beach Club where she learned how to kayak. By the next summer Gia was so much better than she was the summer before.

Here are some places to kayak on Long Island. One of them is at a beach club in Oakdale (Idle Hour Beach Club). There are also places in Cold Spring Harbor, Beekman’s Beach, and Captree State Park. Maybe even a yacht club will suit you. Some of these places require a permit.

If you don’t have a kayak, you can just rent one. Here are some options:

n LONG ISLAND CANOE KAYAK RENTALS, 469 E. Main St., Riverhead, 631-727-8386,

n EMPIRE KAYAKS, 4 Empire Blvd., Island Park, 516-889-8300,


n CAPTAIN KAYAK, 23 River Rd., Sayville, 631-750-3587,


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