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Giving to help others feel good

It is very important to make someone else feel important and worthy. This is a main reason why people give gifts during holidays, such as Christmas or Hanukkah.

Giving gifts instead of receiving them during a specific time of year encourages people to do the right thing. They feel they already have enough "stuff" in their lives and that less fortunate people should have a chance to receive a present and feel good about themselves, too. Therefore, giving a gift will make everybody feel good.

Every year during the holidays, my family and I go to the post office and pick up letters that little kids write to Santa Claus. It was my mom's idea about three years ago, and the four members of my family do this together.

A few days later, we go to Target and get the kids what they are wishing for. Normally, younger kids want toys, and older kids ask for video games. We always get clothes for them, too, depending on what they want. I think it is a nice thing to do during the holidays. When we do it, I get a good feeling because I know I am doing a good thing for another person.

It's crucial that everybody feels good about themselves, and sometimes just the simple act of giving a little something to somebody less fortunate is the perfect opportunity.

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