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Giving voice to our singing group

Schola Cantorum is the liturgical singing organization group made up of kids in grades 5 to 8. We work with our music director, Ms. Fran Howlett.

We asked her: Why do you think Schola should be through grades 5-8? She said, "I think the responsibility involved in learning the multiple parts of music and the Latin is better done by more developed voices."

We wanted to know why this program was started. Ms. Fran said, "There was a need in the school for people who could help with the music in the Mass. So I spoke to many of the children in children's choir, and asked them to participate. In three weeks we had almost 30 kids."

We also asked her: What is your goal for the kids? She replied, "My goal is to empower them to raise their voices in song development, self-assurance, and become community leaders. Hopefully, this is done through their participation in the beauty of the Mass."

We wanted to know what inspired her to start this program and she told us, "I see them loving to sing and the more I see them shine, the more I want to do with them."

We wanted to know if she ever gets tired of singing and she said, "No, I love it. It's who I am."

Schola is great program for kids at our school, and as far as we know, we are the only school in the diocese to have this special program.

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