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Glass animals: My flock of figurines

I collect glass animals and figurines. I have 37. I started collecting them about a year ago. I found these perfect souvenirs in a jewelry shop. Now everywhere I go, I look for a different glass animal.

When my friends look at them, I often get asked, "What is your favorite figurine?" My red panda is my favorite. Red pandas are my favorite animal. She is just so cute, and I love showing her off to all my friends. Another question I often get asked is, "Are they real glass?" and "How do you fix them if they break?" The answer always is that my figurines are real glass. Thankfully, only one of my glass animals broke; that time I used hot glue to fix it.

Collecting glass animals is so enjoyable that I show off my collection to everybody who visits my house. Once my great aunt discovered that I collect glass animals, she started to buy me one wherever she went. I have even gotten a glass figurine from the tooth fairy. I have an awesome time adding to my collection.

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