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Join the Children's Bike Parade in Glen Cove for July 4

Kidsday staff artist Jean Yoo, Jericho

Kidsday staff artist Jean Yoo, Jericho Credit: Kidsday staff artist/Jean Yoo, Jericho

Every year on July 4, Glen Cove holds a Children’s Bike Parade. At 10 a.m. that day, you will see many decorated bikes, scooters, wagons, etc.

Every year I like to go with my family and friends. At the end of the parade there’s always cookies, ice tea, water, national songs, raffles and so much more. The city closes the roads and the mayor will walk in front of some slow cars with speakers playing music, and behind that are all the bikers!

It normally starts at the middle school and ends downtown. Every year I love waking up early and decorating my bike with streamers, American flags, colorful stars, fake flowers, balloons, and of course, I must decorate my helmet.

You can win a prize for the bike with the best decorations. The biking parade is a fun way to start your Fourth of July celebration!

Melissa Harechmak’s fifth-grade class, Landing Elementary School, Glen Cove

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