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Global Aviation Center in Farmingdale: Sky’s the limit

Kidsday reporters, from left, Kira Sherman, Nash Panday,

Kidsday reporters, from left, Kira Sherman, Nash Panday, Kimberly Shrestha and Matthew Meaney, all of Valley Stream, at the Global Aviation Center in Farmingdale. Credit: Richard Rosenfeld

We paid a visit to the Global Aviation Center in Farmingdale. It was truly a wonderful and insightful experience. During our visit, we learned about the different parts of a plane, and how important it is to ensure that everything functions efficiently before it takes flight. We were given an exciting and rare opportunity to actually fly a plane, alongside an experienced pilot. Lastly, before our visit concluded, we went for a short visit to the Sheltair Helicopter School. There we learned about the differences between a helicopter and a plane.

Before we flew, we were briefed on the importance of checking whether a plane is functioning effectively before it can take flight. Some important things that must be checked are the amount and quality of the gas in the engine. The gas is colored to identify any problems (such as a gas leak) that must be resolved. You also have to check the wings and lights to make sure that they are all functioning. Once you get into the plane, you need to confirm that all of the navigation apparatus is in working order. Without these things, you will not be able to tell where you are heading, or if you are in trouble. Then, you need to secure your headphone and microphone so everyone can communicate with you. This will also allow for tracking of airplanes from the top of the control tower.

As we took off from the runway, it was a bit tricky at first because unlike a motor vehicle, you steer using your feet as you apply pressure on the foot pedals, guiding the plane along the path. Once there was clearance to lift off, it was an elating experience to rise into the sky.

After our flight, we interviewed Mr. David Miller, the director of operations, about his experience as a flight instructor. We asked him about the parts of the plane and their functions. He responded, “All parts of a plane are equally as important, since they all help the plane in different ways.” He told us that many people of various ages come here to learn to fly.

We wanted to know what he enjoyed most about job. He said, “You get to meet many people who want to be able to learn something new.”

Mr. Miller was very enthusiastic about his job and he was quite encouraging about anyone who wanted to have the experience of flying. We must say that this was an amazing and unforgettable trip. In addition to learning so many interesting facts about airplanes and getting a lesson in flying an airplane, we now understand what it means when someone says “the sky is the limit.”


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