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Global Citizens program teaches learning, charity

Photo Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Andrew Culbreath, Hempstead

My elective in school is Global Citizens. In this class we get to learn about other places, people and their environment. At some point in this class our teacher will assign us a community project. We believe that the start of helping our community will lead us to help other places in the world. Last week I watched a clip about children in other countries. It showed us that 24,000 children die each day. Most of these children die from illnesses that we have the medicine for here, but they sadly do not.

My class realized that we take things for granted and we should all be more appreciative. There is a program called UNICEF, and through this program they are trying to lower that number. UNICEF goes to villages and educates the children and helps improve the health of the people. This week we are watching a movie about people who live in very poor countries. They all work very hard and have to travel far to get water. Most of the girls do not go to school because their family cannot afford to send them. The boys’ education matters more than the girls’. The girls stay home and do housework. For my project I am going to donate clothes or books to the places like that in Africa. I am very happy I chose this class as my elective. It has opened my eyes to the many hardships all around us that I never knew existed.

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