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Unplugging for Global School Play Day 

Tracey Kramer's fourth-grade class participate in Global Day

Tracey Kramer's fourth-grade class participate in Global Day of Play Credit: Tracey Kramer

Our school participated in Global School Play Day on Feb. 6. The event focuses on unstructured play to help us find new interests besides electronics.

On this day, each grade level teamed up with another. Each fourth- and fifth-grade classroom had a theme. Our room was building action figures and dolls, and imaginative play.

In our classroom, we had Legos, blocks, cars, a cash register and stuffed animals. After 30 minutes, we rotated to other classrooms. One room had arts and crafts. In this room, we were able to do a variety of crafts using a bunch of different materials (clay, paper, scissors, glue, pipe cleaners, Popsicle sticks, glitter and pompoms).

In another room there were puzzles / Mad Libs / jokes / search-and-find activities. In another room, we had a bunch of materials to tinker with like boxes, tape, Popsicle sticks, string and other items students had donated. In this room, we made purses and cars out of boxes.

The last room was board games. We were able to team up with other students to play different board games, including some we have never played before. In library we did Makerspace. We had magnetic balls, a marble run and blocks. In gym, we had different stations that included circus equipment, scooters, stacking buckets, beanbag toss and hula hoops.

 Overall, it was a fun day for everybody. We look forward to it this year! In 2020, Global School Play Day will be Feb. 5.

Tracey Kramer’s fourth-grade class, Helen B. Duffield Elementary School, Ronkonkoma

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