Good Morning
Good Morning

Going on a road trip? Here's a game to play in the car

Do you ever get bored on long car trips? I do, so I invented a great game to make the time pass more quickly called Color Cars. You can play Color Cars alone, or against the other people in the car.

Here are my rules:

You start by spotting a red car, then an orange car, a yellow car, green car, blue car and then the most difficult; a purple car. You must find each car in order, and each time you spot the color car you're searching for you must announce to your opponents that you found it so it can be confirmed. Whoever is able to locate all the colors needed, in order, is the winner. To keep the game moving, there are certain things you can look for to use as "wild cars." If you see a VW beetle (punchbuggy), a pink car, a limousine, or anything that you agree on in advance to be wild, they can take the place of any color car you are currently trying to find.

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