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Everything's just ducky at an iconic Greenport toy store

Kidsday reporter Gavin Sage of Greenport Elementary School

Kidsday reporter Gavin Sage of Greenport Elementary School at Goldsmith's Toys and Electronics with employee Karen Sage, his grandmother. Credit: Karen Gessner

Goldsmith’s Toys and Electronics has been one of the only toy stores in Greenport for years. The store sells lots of ducks and other toys, too. It is definitely a place where kids can have lots of fun because there are so many great things for them to choose from. And it is right on Main Street near so many other great places in Greenport.

Goldsmith’s has been in business for 38 years. I was lucky enough to interview owner Kathy Halliwell and employee Karen Sage. Karen is my grandma!

Why did you make your store’s theme a duck?

Kathy: We have been selling ducks for years. They have always been popular with customers. Adults and children collect them. People love coming in to buy them.

What is your favorite toy in the store and why?

Karen: I love the ducks because they make you happy when you look at them and there are so many varieties of them to choose from.

Would you ever make clothing?

Karen: No, we are not really planning on having clothing. We are more focused on toys.

Would you open any more Goldsmith's in the future?

Kathy: I don’t really have any plans for opening more right now, but you never know if I’ll have another one.

What is your favorite part of working at Goldsmith’s?

Karen: I love the nautical artwork beach theme on the walls and ceiling. It really is a fun place to work. I love everything about working here.

Is your store open all year?

Kathy: Yes, we are open 7 days a week. The store hours are longer in the summer season.

How many ducks do you sell a day?

Karen: It varies day by day. In the summertime, the tourists buy 20 to 25 ducks, and some people buy 100 ducks because they collect them!

What is your favorite duck and why?

Karen: I love them all! It is too hard to pick just one. They are all unique in their own way.

What toys do you sell besides ducks?

Kathy: Other things that we sell in the store are, Play-Doh, Legos, batteries, chargers, sports goods, stuffed animals, puzzles, books, puppets, Bruder trucks, Lionel trains, art supplies, and a wide variety of other toys too.

Info: 128 Main St., Greenport, 631-477-0466

Amy Gammon and Karen Gessner’s sixth-grade class, Greenport Elementary School

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