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With Google Cardboard, you can travel around the world, virtually

Kidsday reporters Jaycee Ginel, left, and Mariya Hula,

Kidsday reporters Jaycee Ginel, left, and Mariya Hula, of Daniel Street Elementary School, Lindenhurst, check out the Google Cardboard viewer. Credit: Michelle Perino

How often do you go on field trips? Well, our classmates go on one almost every day. Isn’t that awesome? Yeah, we think so, too. No, we aren’t rich and spoiled, our teacher has a Google Cardboard.

Using a Google Cardboard, you can travel to Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon or to Antarctica. Let us explain how this is possible. See, we have a headset that is made out of materials that people usually throw away. It’s cardboard, Velcro, a rubber band and two small plastic lenses. Our teacher opens an app on her phone, and we place the phone into the headset. She can open Google Maps, navigate to Fire Island and then let us dive in. Or she can open a special app, made for virtual reality, and let us walk on the moon. After learning about force and motion, we even got a chance to ride a roller coaster. That was such a cool experience.

If you want to get one for your class, ask your teacher. Our Google Cardboard is one of the virtual reality headsets that is super-cheap. There are more expensive ones, with sounds and effects, but you don’t need those fancy ones to enjoy the experience. We like ours just fine, and you can buy one on Amazon, Best Buy or even Walmart. With all the fun, this is wonderful for kids at home or at school, and it is a great present.

Michelle Perino's fourth-grade class, Daniel Street Elementary School, Lindenhurst

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