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Goony Golf's miniature, magical upstate course

Ever get tired of going to the same summer vacation? Well, if that's true, I know the perfect place for you! It is Lake George. It is a great place, but what I enjoy most of all is a place a little bit off the lake. It is Goony Golf ( Goony Golf is a miniature golf place that has been in existence for more than 30 years.

This magical place has fairy-tale themes throughout the course. For example, you go through different obstacle courses, which involve going through a fake alligator's mouth, having a large Rapunzel look down at you from her castle, or going through a jail with toy people blocking you. What you see are so many fun fairy tales. In addition to the course, there are waterfalls that spout blue water onto huge lily pads for an oversized frog.

Another thing is you get to use different balls and clubs. You have to make sure you know what color ball you are because after you go through the obstacle courses, if you don't get a hole in one, you leave your ball in until it is your turn to go again. If you do get a hole in one, then you take it out and wait until your family is done. It is a thrill to see your family members and friends make the hole in one, or at least try.

After you finish and are about to leave, you get to take pictures with funny sculptures on the benches. This is a great way to wrap up your day. There are so many adventures in the courses.


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