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The 'Master Chef' shares his secrets 

Chef, author and TV personality Gordon Ramsay with

Chef, author and TV personality Gordon Ramsay with Branon Smith, left, Cate Leonard, Lanie Krause and Ariel Greenberg, at Ramsay's book publisher offices in Manhattan.
  Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We were able to meet Michelin-super star Chef Gordon Ramsay in Manhattan recently.  You might know Gordon from some of his TV shows, “Master Chef,” “Kitchen Nightmares,” or even “MasterChef Junior” -- a kids cooking show!  

Gordon is also known for his many cookbooks. He just released his latest, “Healthy, Lean & Fit: Mouthwatering Recipes to Fuel You For Life” (Grand Central Publishing).  This book, with 108 recipes, is about eating healthy. The book has three parts: healthy, lean and fit. Gordon said he spent his free time when he was younger cooking with his mom in her bakery.  That's what sparked his interest in cooking. Gordon was amazing and was very nice to us. He didn’t just answer our questions, but he had many funny responses, too.

We asked Gordon how many books he has written and what makes this one different from the others.  He said that today his 25th book was published. He said this book is much different from the others because he spent almost three years writing it.

We asked if he could do it all over again, if he would he be a chef or a professional soccer player. Surprisingly, he said, he would be a soccer player until he retired. Then he would be a chef.

We were dying to know what are some healthy “on-the-go” snacks for busy 10-year-olds. Gordon explained that he has three daughters and every morning before school, they cut up things like carrots, cucumber, apples and pears. They rub them with a little bit of lemon juice or lime juice and then they make peanut butter smoothies. He told us that it’s almost like a crudités; raw vegetables are a perfect snack for busy 10-year-olds.

We wanted to know where his favorite place to cook is. Gordon said his family was very lucky to have a home in Los Angeles, and when the kids are on school holiday, they’re all together in L.A.  He said his favorite place to cook would be at his home in L.A. with Matilda, his youngest daughter.  She has been cooking now for about 10 years.

So, we were curious to know if Gordon and his kids ever had a cook-off.  

He said he and his daughter often have cook-offs and sometimes have arguments about how they prefer the food to be cooked.

What made Gordon want to write this book was that he had started running marathons. It helped him get away from TV and all the shows. He wanted to write this book, he said, because of all the healthy foods he prepared while running marathons.  He once ran an Iron Man race.

Out of curiosity, we asked if he could only do one show, “Master Chef” or “MasterChef Junior,” which would he choose. He said that was a really good question.  He really likes working with adults, but he also likes working with the kids because he wants to inspire them, so he would pick “MasterChef Junior.”

We were also curious about who cooked at home, Gordon or his wife.  He told us that sometimes he cooks a meal and at other times his wife will cook, so they take turns.

All in all, it was an amazing experience getting to interview Gordon Ramsay and getting to know him better. We also got to hug, get autographs, and take pictures with him. He was super nice and we were really happy to meet him. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us!

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