Good Morning
Good Morning

Got time for tee?

I know you may think that golf is boring and is an old-man sport, but golf is actually pretty fun. At first I hated golf, but when I started getting used to it, I began to like it. I started hitting 150-yard shots and, like all golfers, I made mistakes, but my golf instructor and my dad helped me.

My golf instructor tells me not to be so hard on myself when I make a bad shot, but I can't help it. I want to be perfect. I really do like hitting the ball as far as I can, but my dad tells me that you have to be able to hit soft shots, too. Sometimes my family and I go to miniature golf to practice putting.

My favorite club is the Fairway. I like that club because for some reason I hit the ball better and it goes farther.

One day in August during my family's summer vacation, we all went to the golf course in Disney World. On one of the holes I got an eagle. An eagle is when you hit the ball in the hole two shots below par; for example, if it is a par 5 (par is the most times you should be hitting the ball for a particular hole). If you get the ball in with one less shot than par, it is a birdie, and if you get the ball in the hole within the exact amount of suggested shot, then it is a par.

I usually play at Heartland Golf Course. They have a driving range and behind it is a 9-hole golf course. There is water near some of the holes, and I lost two of my favorite golf balls in the water. If you ever play at that course, be careful! So with all that explained, I'll admit, my name is Zuri Milliner and I enjoy golf.

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