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Grab hold of my claw machine toys

Try your luck -- or skill -- to

Try your luck -- or skill -- to get a rubber animal at a claw machine. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Madeline Chiu

I have a collection of rubber animals. Some are ducks that are superhero themed such as The Flash from DC Comics and Magneto from Marvel Comics. Whenever I go somewhere that has a rubber-animal claw machine, such as Coney Island, I usually get a few animals. Most of them are ducks — not many claw games have ducks but there are even fewer claw games with an assortment of rubber animals.

The claw machine in Coney Island is where I get most of my rubber animals. It costs $1 for one turn. The machine says winner every time. There is a little secret to getting more than one turn without using more than a dollar. If you miss on your first time then this will trigger the countdown timer for one minute. During this time you can make as many drops as possible. If you get a toy on the first try, then this won’t work. I have done this multiple times, and that is how my collection has grown.

One memorable trip to Coney Island was when my grandparents came to visit my family. I discovered this special claw machine when I was getting change with my mom at a booth. Using only about $10, I acquired most of what I have now. It was then that I learned all the features of the claw machine. My sister played on a different claw machine not too far from me, and both of us won lots of ducks and other animals.

My collection does have a few flaws. Some of the animals are slightly faded in color and somehow got other colors on them. Some of the designs on the ducks that I recently acquired are slightly off and slightly smudged onto the rest of the duck. I hope that soon I will get another set of animals to add to my collection.

I enjoy playing with my collection of rubber animals very much.

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