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Graduation party plans: What we’d do for fifth-grade grads

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Amanda Saladino, Greenlawn

It’s almost time for the graduation party for fifth-graders. We are heading off to the middle school, and so that makes it almost time to party. Who’s excited? We are. We have super cool ideas to make saying goodbye special.

We think it would be good to have someone come and personalize T-shirts by spray painting them with a school design, and maybe getting your picture on your T-shirt.

We also need a cool new game section full of raffles and iPads and cool board games. We need this to be the best it can be. We need the coolest snacks ever, like a cotton candy machine and a Slushee maker, and you can make them yourself.

We also need a book with all the pictures from that night. Each teacher writes on a separate page, all about how we’ve grown and the way we’ve worked so hard, and you write nice things to the teachers, too. They get to keep the book and remember you.

Also, there can be dancing robots that you can follow. You can have fun with them and take pictures with them. And there can be this big table that has candy, but not just any kind — crazy candy like BeanBoozled jelly beans, Gumi-Aid fruit-flavored gummies and Box of Boogers, and so much more.

Also, there can be this big booth with paper in it, where you can write someone a note. At the end, you go in the booth and see if anyone wrote a note to you.

Hopefully, this party would be a blast. We think this will be a day you’ll never forget. We hope you enjoy your party.

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