Good Morning
Good Morning

Grandma flips pancake request into a big surprise

My grandma makes so many great desserts and dinners. But my favorite is waking up to the great smell of my grandma's famous pancakes. Let me tell you about her famous pancakes.

It all started almost four years ago. I knew she was a great cook so I was excited to hear her cooking one morning, especially her pancakes. I craved them, I wanted to learn myself how to make them because some days I wanted to try myself to give my hardworking grandma a break. So I asked my grandma to make some famous hot cakes.

So I was expecting just another batch of her pancakes. But when I walked in, I saw a literal pancake. She made a cake, in a pan. It was a huge shocker. I thought what she did was creative and funny. I let out a chuckle when I saw that "pancake."

She said, "Look Sean, I made you a pancake." As you can tell my grandma decided to mix things up a little. I just say the woman has a creative style to her and a sense of humor. What a huge surprise.

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