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GrandyOats a tasty snack for granola fans

Kidsday reporters Paige Manning, left, Julia Sack and

Kidsday reporters Paige Manning, left, Julia Sack and Abigail Dean-Stahl conducted a taste test of GrandyOats Coconola. Credit: Melinda Moran

Our class recently taste-tested a product, GrandyOats Coconola. It is a granola made from coconut and is gluten-free, certified non-GMO and grain-free.

The company is based in Maine, and it makes the granola in a solar-powered establishment. We tried the Chocolate Chunk, Coffee Crunch and Original flavors. The flavors were very good but we all had different opinions about which one we liked the best. Chocolate Chunk was the clear winner.

Here is some of the students’ feedback:

“I thought all of them were great, but my favorite one was Chocolate Chunk. It had great texture and I loved the dark chocolate.”

Another student said, “I tried all three flavors, but my personal favorite was Coffee Crunch because it had a great texture.”

One kid said: "When our teacher told us that we were going to be trying granola, I wasn’t very excited. I tend to prefer sweeter snacks, so when I tasted it for the first time I was surprised. I tried out all of the flavors but my personal favorite was the Coffee Crunch. I sometimes like to drink coffee, so I did favor this one over the others. As for the other flavors I did also enjoy the Original, I personally like the flavor of coconut so I thought it was tasteful, but if I had to comment on the Chocolate Chunk I would say that I do not prefer it."

Another responder said: "When I saw the granola I was excited because they looked really good. I tried all three flavors but my personal favorite was Chocolate Chunk. It was just like Original but with little pieces of dark chocolate in it. I personally liked the Original because you could really taste the coconut. Also this snack is very healthy and great for kids to bring to school." 

Another taster said: "I tried the Chocolate Chunk flavor. I loved the dark chocolate pieces in it. Finally I tasted the Original flavor. The Original flavor was very good. If I were to get it I would definitely mix it in with yogurt. I also would just eat it plain as a snack. I think it is very cool how the GrandyOats Company has a solar-powered bakery where they make their granola."

We think you should give this product a try.


Melinda Moran’s fourth- and fifth-grade Stretch students, Cherry Avenue Elementary School, West Sayville

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