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Step on down to some great beaches in Greenport

Kidsday reporters Daniel Rivas and Samantha Silie, of

Kidsday reporters Daniel Rivas and Samantha Silie, of Greenport Elementary School, at 67 Steps Beach. Credit: Silie family

Have you ever been to the beaches in Greenport? If you haven’t, then we’re going to let you in on a few special beaches here. Greenport’s beaches are the best. There are so many activities that you can do in all seasons.

For the summer, they’re perfect for picnics, parties, barbecues, kiting, swimming or to just have a good time. In other seasons, you can just relax watching a beautiful sunset.

Fifth Street Beach, which is on the bay side of Greenport, has a playground for kids. There is a basketball court, which is super-fun. It’s also perfect for finding rare things, like coins from a long time ago. The coins can be so old that some of them are as old as our grandparents. You probably know that’s very old! There is also a dock, but you aren’t allowed to jump off it. This beach is great to go swimming and have a wonderful time.

On Long Island Sound is another great beach, 67 Steps Beach. The reason it’s called 67 Steps is because it takes 67 steps to go down to the beach and come back up. Right now, some sand has covered up the stairs so it’s about 58 steps. This beach is a famous tourist attraction for its gorgeous sunset and the large rocks there. You can also see clear water next to the shoreline. We found out that some people get married on this beach. How romantic!

If you haven’t been to one of these beaches, we invite you to come and visit. You won’t be disappointed!

To finish off, here’s a beach joke: What is a type of hairstyle you can have at the beach? Waves! You have to admit that was a pretty good joke!

Amy Gammon and Karen Gessner’s sixth-grade class, Greenport Elementary School

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