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Grilled-cheese sandwich cook-off has judges asking for more

Kidsday reporters Robert Sherter and Brenden Robano made

Kidsday reporters Robert Sherter and Brenden Robano made great grilled cheese sandwiches. Credit: Robano family

I had a cook-off with my classmate Robert Sherter. It was called “Say Cheese,” a grilled cheese cook-off. The name of my sandwich was the Triple Cheese Bacon Grilled Cheese. The ingredients I used for my sandwich were sourdough bread, butter, bacon and American, cheddar, and Monterey Jack cheeses. Robert’s sandwich was called the Turkey, Ham, Cheese Supreme Grilled Cheese. The ingredients he used were ham, turkey, Muenster cheese, pepper and whole grain bread.

I made comment cards for the judges to rate each sandwich. On each of the comment cards the judges rated each sandwich from one to five. The three categories judged were presentation, appearance and taste. The judges included our neighborhood friends and parents.

After the judges completed their comment cards, we revealed who made each sandwich. Some comments for Sandwich A was that it was cheesy and delicious. While Sandwich B comments said the bacon was crunchy and that they liked the cheddar cheese.

The purpose of the cook-off was to spend time with my friends and to get off our electronics. Also, the fun of cooking food in the kitchen. I think a lot of the judges liked Robert’s and my sandwiches, because a lot of them asked for seconds. We felt proud of ourselves because that means we made great grilled cheese sandwiches. No winner was declared, it was a tasty tie!

I had fun doing my first cook-off!

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