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Starting plants in bottle caps uses little time and effort

Kidsday reporter Jill Martin of Cherry Avenue Elementary

Kidsday reporter Jill Martin of Cherry Avenue Elementary School, West Sayville, shows her bottle cap plants. Credit: Martin family

Did you know that you can plant things in bottle caps? All you need is a bottle cap, a bit of dirt, a seed, and some water.

These are some tips for how to plant them and actually have them grow. First you have to put dirt into the bottle cap until it is half full. Then you put the seed in and a drop of water directly on the seed. You can cover the seed with a little more dirt to make sure it won’t grow just wherever instead of straight up.

You have to water this bottle cap plant with two drops every other day. It could take up to three weeks for it to be fully grown.

If you think you are really good at it, you can do what I do — you can make a whole bunch of them and give them to your neighbors. It can be a good gift to give to family and friends, too.

Melinda Moran’s fourth- and fifth-grade Stretch students, Cherry Avenue Elementary School, West Sayville

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