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Guinea pigs make good pets, like mine, Peppa

Kidsday reporter Aidan Tracy holds his guinea pig,

Kidsday reporter Aidan Tracy holds his guinea pig, Peppa. Credit: Tracy family

If you are thinking of getting a pet, I would consider getting a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are animals that are very entertaining, and they aren’t hard to take care of if you have all the things that they require. They are beautiful animals with great manners. They love receiving affection and need lots of love.

The food they eat will vary. They love veggies, carrots, strawberries and blueberries, which are my guinea pig’s favorite food. I recommend feeding your pig hay and pellets as well.

If you are planning to get a guinea pig, care is very important. You should clean its cage once or twice per week. Do not feed it a lot of food because it does not know when to stop eating. If you have one guinea pig and want another, it’s recommended to get a guinea pig of the same gender.

Guinea pigs shouldn’t bathe often. They clean themselves, so baths should be rare. Go to a vet and ask what soap to use for your guinea pig. It is recommended that you put it in a tub because if you put it in a sink, it might jump out.

Make sure to piggy-proof the area in which the guinea pig will be staying. Make sure there are no sharp objects or anything that might fall on your pet. Make sure to have a nice area for your piglet.

If you want to have an outdoor piggy, then you should take it inside during winter or rainy days. You should put your guinea pig in a shed as well, in case you live in an area with lots of wildlife, or you just can’t go outside one day.

I have a guinea pig, and her name is Pupinea Abby Tracy, but we call her Peppa. Peppa is a black, mild-mannered guinea pig. She was adopted by my family this past November after she had been abandoned. She loves attention. She is worth the work of having my own guinea pig.

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