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Guitar Hero Live review

Kidsday reporter Gavin Maron of Oakdale plays Guitar

Kidsday reporter Gavin Maron of Oakdale plays Guitar Hero Live. Credit: Gina Cerulli

The new Guitar Hero Live (for the PS4 / Activision) isn’t just a remolding of a cheap, old, plastic guitar . . . It’s a technology genius! Why? Because it focuses on how people listen to music that is cued from musical apps. There is an all new sleek guitar design. To show off, there is a classical strum bar and triumphant return of the whammy bar. The six-button layout makes the game easier than ever for beginners, but it also makes it harder for veterans, like myself. In this game you have to push the buttons on the guitar at the right time to match the notes on the screen. There are two sets of three buttons on the guitar — three black buttons and three white buttons. In the game, there is a tutorial to help you practice your notes. I like that the fans clap louder or softer depending on your score. Also, I like that the graphics are so realistic. I like how you can play multiplayers because when I have my friends over, I can play two at a time. Now go grab your own guitar and rock out!

RATING: 5 smiles

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