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Gymnastics lessons can be hard, but I just keep trying

Kidsday reporter Olivia Garcia enjoys doing gymnastics.

Kidsday reporter Olivia Garcia enjoys doing gymnastics. Credit: Garcia family

Gymnastics is hard, but you just need to have confidence and to keep trying if you make a mistake. I started gymnastics at age 3 and now I’m 10. I joined because I wanted to be part of a gymnastics team.

I started team gymnastics in June. The gymnastics classes I take are on Tuesdays and private lessons are on Saturdays. Sometimes I go on Monday when it’s open tumble classes.

Some of my favorite skills are back tucks, front tucks and back handsprings. I can do only the back handspring on the floor — the rest of the skills are on the trampoline. I learned how to do a back tuck by doing a jumping back handspring, and then tucking my legs and not putting my hands down. I learned my back handspring by jumping into a back limber. A back limber is a backbend kickover with your legs together. I learned my front tuck by jumping forward into a roll and trying to land that. I go on the trampoline whenever I can to improve those skills.

Gymnastics is so much fun. I go to New Image Gymnastics in Edgewood. My mom used to coach levels 4 through 10 at All American Gymnastics in Bellmore. I’m happy she’s a gymnastics coach because she helps me work on my skills.

My favorite gymnast is Laurie Hernandez. She is amazing. She was in the Olympics, and she’s only 17 years old. I hope I’m in the Olympics one day.

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