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Learn coding with the Hack laptop

Kidsday reporters Julia Xu and Charlie Gorenstein test

Kidsday reporters Julia Xu and Charlie Gorenstein test the new Hack computer at Lakeville Elementary School, Great Neck. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Are you trying to learn how to code? We have the perfect computer for you. We tested out a new laptop, called Hack. The Hack laptop is a cool and fun learning tool that teaches kids how to code.   You’ll meet fictional characters like Ada, do quests and play games like Fizzics that you can change, or hack, by coding.

This laptop was created by a company called Endless to teach kids how to code. It is good for STEM projects you work on in school. There are no ads and that makes it even better for us. What else is in it? A calculator, Spotify, Scratch and so much more. You can even Skype with it.

The Hack laptop is a fun, new and exciting way for kids to play. It is a great present for a holiday or birthday, and while it’s a gift, it still helps kids learn.

Thomas Hughes' fifth-grade class, Lakeville Elementary School, Great Neck

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