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Some Halloween candies more of a treat than others

Halloween is a lot of fun! Wearing costumes, walking with friends, but most importantly, candy. You could say that receiving candy is the best part about Halloween.

There are many different types of candy, but many kids know which candies are better or worse to get on Halloween. We made a survey to figure out kids' favorite and least favorite candy to get on Halloween so that you know what candy to give trick-or-treaters.

Out of 182 responses, 85 kids said Sour Patch Kids were their favorite to get on Halloween because of the small, bite-sized pieces. And they are wrapped, so they are safe.

What don’t we want? Licorice! So parents, neighbors, friends, don’t get it and don’t give it out. And most of all, don’t regift it!

If you give out Sour Patch candy, kids will love you!

Janet Rumble and Sandi Yarow’s sixth-grade class, Great Neck South Middle School

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