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Making a farmer's costume (chickens optional)

Kidsday reporter Peyton Chaimowitz made a farmer's costume

Kidsday reporter Peyton Chaimowitz made a farmer's costume for Halloween. Credit: Chaimowitz family

Halloween is only a few days away. Have you made a costume? Did you buy a costume? Here is one that I put together with just a few things around the house.

All you need are older and faded jeans or overalls, a sun hat or cowboy hat and a flannel shirt. This is optional, but recommended: Get chickens if you have any and put them in a dog stroller. I also would get rain boots, chicken boots, work boots or any type of boots.

Put all of it on, get your chickens and you have a successful homemade farmer’s costume.

Why do I recommend chickens? We have them! My mom researched which breed would be best for kids. We chose Silkies and Satin Silkies. Most of my chickens like to eat treats out of my hand, sit on my lap and be pet.

Chickens don’t need a lot of space and they are very easy to take care of. Chickens have a place to play and roam and that’s called a run. Our run has gravel on the ground and aviary netting over the top to keep out hawks, owls and other winged predators. We put sand in their coop so they can dust bathe.

If you are interested in learning more about these feathered friends, go visit your local library or join a group online like Long Island Chicken Keepers on Facebook.

Tracey Kramer’s fourth-grade class, Helen B. Duffield Elementary School, Ronkonkoma

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