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Halloween poll: Our thoughts on jack-o’-lanterns, costumes

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Scott Kiley, Hempstead

Halloween is a fun time of year for most kids. Tuesday night is the big night, and we had a few questions to ask our schoolmates. Here are our two questions and the responses:

Diana asked kids if the Halloween jack-o’-lanterns should be scary or silly. She asked 105 kids in third and fourth grades:

Silly: 53

Scary: 52

As you can see, kids in our school are divided on this question. Why not make one scary and one silly?!

Brittany and Nina wanted to know what kids were going to wear, homemade or store-bought costumes. They also gave the kids a third option: no costume. They interviewed kids in first, second and third grades. Here are their results:

Store-bought costume: 73

Homemade costume: 24

No costume: 7

As you can see, younger kids like the store-bought costumes. We think it is because they like to be their favorite movie or TV character. They are also fun to keep around for dress-up at another time. We think that as kids get older, they like to make their own costumes.

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