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Dressing up your pets for Halloween

Halloween probably makes you think of candy and costumes, but the costumes you think of are probably only for humans. Pets also can have costumes that are adorable, creative and a lot of fun. Whether they are dogs, cats or even turtles, the outcome will be great!

When you think about dressing up your pets, you may think of just throwing a shirt over them, but you can get really creative to make a cute and comfortable costume.  Just make sure they can still move normally and there are no small parts they can swallow. 

Turtles are great for dressing up because they’re featured in books and movies as characters in so many things! Whether it’s Bowser from Super Mario, Squirtle from Pokémon, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they always make an amazing appearance. The best way to put a costume on a turtle is to handle the turtle with care and don’t grab it too hard. Don’t make sudden movements or make it feel scared.

Dogs are also great to dress up. They usually let you put the costumes on, but sometimes they fight back. Before you put the costume on, make sure your dog is OK with it so you don’t get clawed or bit. There are so many different costumes for dogs ranging from bumblebees to Superdog.

Janet Rumble and Sandi Yarow’s sixth-grade class, Great Neck South Middle School

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