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Hammerhead Construction in Montauk nails it every time

Kidsday reporter Brody Biondo and his dad, Jason,

Kidsday reporter Brody Biondo and his dad, Jason, owner of Hammerhead Construction in Montauk. Credit: Biondo family

In Montauk, there are several construction companies. Yet very few of them have an owner who lives and works within the Montauk community. My dad, Jason Biondo, is the owner of his own construction company, called Hammerhead Construction.

Now that many people are coming out and wanting to live in Montauk because of how amazing it is, my dad works with these people to build beautiful houses while keeping the Montauk style and feel. During the spring and summer months when school is out, I am able to go to the job sites with my dad. I can even help with demo jobs! He lets me smash walls, and one day I was with him and got to use all of his tools to build a Hot Wheels track.

Each day we try to think of new ideas we can build. Our newest idea is to build a sign to put at the beach encouraging people to stop using plastic straws. Plastic straws are thought to be very negative to our environment and to local sea creatures. I love working with my dad.

Jennifer Jamet’s fourth-grade class, Montauk Elementary School

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