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I collect hand sanitizers

Kidsday reporter Evangeline Steck, of Udall Road Middle

Kidsday reporter Evangeline Steck, of Udall Road Middle School, West Islip, with her collection of hand sanitizers. Credit: Steck family

I love my hand sanitizer collection. I started collecting my hand sanitizers because I like keeping my hands clean, especially in school.

Every class I use a different one because a classroom has so many germs in it from all the people who have been there before me. I am known for my hand sanitizer collection, and in my class everyone calls me the Hand Sanitizer Queen.

I have 13 hand sanitizers now. My first-ever hand sanitizer is from my friend Taylor. It is scented like French lavender. My favorite one is the Fresh Sparkling Snow. I got that one on Valentine’s Day from my friend Emma.

I carry my hand sanitizers in a small pouch to every single class. I always put it on.

I started collecting them in the beginning of last school year. I bring at least one hand sanitizer everywhere with me, outside of school, too. I even bring them to my friend’s house. They might not know I bring them, but I do.

Jeanette Merola and Janet Renganeschi's sixth-grade class, Udall Road Middle School, West Islip

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