Good Morning
Good Morning

Handling the stress of everyday life

Homework! Sports! Activities! Go! Almost every kid participates in at least one after-school activity. Most fifth-graders are juggling many things. The question is: Can you give it all 100 percent?

Fifth-graders were asked how many hours a week they spend on activities. Most fifth-graders spend about seven hours on homework and studying and about eight hours on sports per week. They also spend about three hours a week on activities such as instruments, Scouts and clubs. It is too much pressure.

With the pressure comes commitment. You should commit to something you love. This may stress out some kids. To prevent the stress, you need to take a break and relax.

If you're one of the kids who's under a lot of pressure and it's a little too much, then consider taking a break or reducing the amount of hours you are putting into whatever activity you are participating in. When we decided to join these sports or activities, we did it because we enjoyed it. Sometimes, parents and coaches take the fun out of it, and that leaves us with nothing but pressure.

But there are also positives. You can participate on a sports team and make new friends. It can keep you fit and prevent you from being bored. It is all a lot of pressure and commitment, but that doesn't mean it is impossible to handle.

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