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Hangin' in the Hamptons with celebrities

Summer in the Hamptons attracts celebrities from all over the world. Actors, musicians, professional athletes and the rich and famous all flock to the East End of Long Island for the beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants, and high-end shopping. For locals, it is always fun to spot celebrities in our hometown.

There is definitely a love-hate relationship with the locals and celebrities. Some locals believe celebrities are self-centered people who think they can get whatever they want just because they're famous.

Other locals love to meet and take pictures with celebrities. Many local students play their own version of "Where's Waldo?" with celebrities by taking pictures with them all over town. Here are just a few of the celebrities we met last summer and we are sure there will be a lot more this summer, too: Jimmy Fallon; Kevin Costner, Jason Kidd, Kelly Ripa, Emma Watson, Jimmy Buffett, Alec Baldwin and Paul McCartney. The Hamptons are definitely the place to visit for celebrities.

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