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Harbor Country Day School collects food for pantry

Learning how to do math problems isn’t the only reason we go to Harbor Country Day School in St. James. We go to school to be better people, and for many kids, volunteering their time is a great way to do it. Student volunteerism is very important because it’s an opportunity to help the community.

Our student council is a great example of students volunteering to help further important causes. One thing we organize is the annual food drive. The food drive takes place right before Thanksgiving, and all the students and staff are asked to bring food to school. Then the student council takes the food to a food pantry in Smithtown. Last year we donated about 1,000 pounds of food.

At the pantry, students have to first unload the bus. After that, we sort it out and stack the food on the shelves. While we were at the pantry this year, the director told us about some of the people who come to the pantry. She told us about a man who recently came to get food and was really upset. When someone asked him why he was upset, he said he had a dog and he was giving it to the shelter because he couldn’t afford dog food. Then the people working at the food pantry realized that they had a huge bag of dog food, and they gave it to him and he got to keep his dog. Ever since then the food pantry has been collecting pet food. This food pantry is a great way for students to help out others.

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