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Piano, cello, harp and now, an electronic keyboard

Kidsday reporter Anya Vastola testing the Casio SA-76

Kidsday reporter Anya Vastola testing the Casio SA-76 electronic keyboard. Credit: Clara Villani

I play three instruments: the piano, cello and harp. I enjoy playing all of them, and because I like playing instruments, I was able to test out the Casio SA-76 electronic keyboard.

I think it has great effect. It can change its sound from piano to organ and even produce the sounds of stringed instruments, the saxophone and more. It also helps you learn how to play by showing you the keys to hit. It can even act as a DJ. I think it is a good instrument for beginners or those who want to keep themselves in tune.

The piano is a great instrument you can use to play many styles of music. It's awesome when you are watching a movie and there if there is this tune from the movie you want to play. I listen with my ear and figure it out the notes. 

The cello is a part of the string family. It is a nice instrument because it can play the bass part of the song, one of the lowest-pitched musical lines of the piece. The cello makes nice jazz sounds.

The harp is my favorite. I find it peaceful and so do others when I play for them. When I am stuck on a question from homework or need a break from studying, I find myself over at the harp playing to give me a new thought or an idea toward my schoolwork.

Clara Villani’s newspaper club, Brother Joseph C. Fox Latin School, Kellenberg, Uniondale

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