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Going backstage on ‘Harry’ show with LI mom and art director

Kidsday reporter Henry Carbonell backstage with singer and

Kidsday reporter Henry Carbonell backstage with singer and talk show host Harry Connick Jr. Credit: Leslie Segrete

My mom, Leslie Segrete, along with her partner, Jason Kirschner, is art director for the “Harry” show starring Harry Connick Jr. My mom designs and oversees sets and scenery for special episodes and for individual segments like Harry’s Upright Piano Bar, Music Shop and cooking segments in the kitchen set. She also styles and arranges props or products. I have been on the show a few times, but I wanted to find out more for fans like you!

Which episode of Harry sold the most tickets?

Tickets to the “Harry” show are always free. The episode that the most people wanted to see was the one where Billy Joel performed. It was awesome. Billy sang two songs and sounded amazing. Billy sang “Vienna” and “Don’t Ask Me Why.”

Which episode took the longest to make?

The Halloween episodes of the “Harry” show are always a big deal. My partner, Jason Kirschner, and I spend weeks coming up with the design. It takes a lot of planning and creativity. This year’s Halloween episode was “Willy Wonka”-themed. It was so bright and fun!

Who is the biggest celebrity that has appeared on the show?

Everyone will say the biggest celebrity we’ve had on the show was Oprah Winfrey. However, I will say the biggest celebrity or my favorite was Jeff Probst! He’s the best! “Survivor” is my favorite show. He was so nice, and he talked to me about how the game of “Survivor” is played.

Who was the biggest YouTuber you have had on the show?

Last year for Halloween we had Sunny [Keller] from Life Hacks for Kids. She showed everyone how to make super spooky crafts.

How long has the show been on the air?

The “Harry” show premiered Sept. 12, 2016. We film seven shows a week. It’s a lot of work, but it is fun.

What do you like about your job?

I really love being a set designer and set decorator. It’s so fun to create spaces and scenery that tell a story. Sometimes we get to make things really cool, like a Halloween set or music store for Harry to sing in. Every day is different. I also really like my partner, Jason. He’s super creative and funny. He’s the best part of my job.

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