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Pour Taste and Get a Grip: games test players’ comfort level

Kidsday reporter Warren Costello tested Hasbro games Pour

Kidsday reporter Warren Costello tested Hasbro games Pour Taste and Get a Grip. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

I was able to test out two new games from Hasbro: Pour Taste and Get a Grip. I really liked them both. Here are my reviews on why you might like them too.

Pour Taste: This game comes with a big wheel. You have to supply six different drinks. For example, you might use drinks like cola, grape juice, root beer, water, orange juice or milk. You spin the wheel, and it lands on different spots. The spots give you directions on what to do. For example, the wheel might tell you to pour the milk in the orange juice. The next spin may tell you to dare someone to drink one of the drinks. Sometimes you get lucky and just drink water. You get chips every time you drink. Some of the spots on the wheel even let you steal someone’s chips. The only bad thing about this game is you have to keep washing the cups so nobody gets any germs. You wash a lot of cups.

You do have to choose your ingredients carefully. You wouldn’t want to use anything too gross like vinegar. This game is good for older kids. You should also have an adult supervise this game, but especially they should supervise the ingredients so nobody chooses something dangerous.

Get a Grip: In this game you have to try to do all sorts of challenges without your thumb. The game comes with hand bands that wrap around your thumb, clay and 60 challenge cards. You might also need some extra items like a pillow and pillow case, a penny and a pencil. An example of a challenge would be to draw a mummy in 30 seconds without using your thumb.

I loved this game. I played this game with my dad and my mom, and we laughed so much. It was really funny to watch other people do the challenges.

Ages: 8 and older

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

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